2023 | TCH Hardware

Captive Fasteners Selection Guide

TCH Hardware is a B2B and OEM company. They work with over 30 different equipment brands around the world and represent them here in North America. One of their biggest brands is Captive Fasteners, which alone make up 5000 of the 7000 SKU’S sold on the TCH Website. The wide variety of fasteners are all meant for different uses, and customers find themselves searching through a list of 5000 looking for a specific one.

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This is completely inefficient, and without a specific part number, customers don’t have the patience to sit around and look through 5000 different SKUs.

I was tasked with making this process more efficient and came up with a method of filtration, partnering with a web developer to come up with a way to organize the SKU’s. The Captive fasteners selection guide uses a process of elimination system based on select features and requirements.

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