2019 | Personal

Bayview Bengals-Re Branding

The Situation

In the 12th grade, my school announced the return of the school basketball team. My high school had not had a basketball team for over 3 years, due to a lack of interest from staff to coach the team. The interest in a basketball team and support existed but was not at its full potential. Upon its return, I saw this as an opportunity to re-brand and create a new identity for the team. The team had no logo for their jerseys, no social media presence, and no way of advertising games.



I started by designing a logo that was presented to the coaching staff. I was quickly appointed to the position of “Team Manager” but mainly focused on the branding aspect of the position. I ended up designing Jerseys for the team, managing social media, consistently posting game scores, updating game schedules and promoting any team events. The marketing and promotion through the Instagram account significantly boosted game attendance and team morale.


The Instagram account is still active and the branding I set up continues (to an extent) by the new account managers. My participation in this project showcases my rebranding and marketing skills, along with demonstrating my team-oriented abilities.

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