2022 | Concept

No Dobe- Poster Design

This OCAD assignment was a first-year challenge to design a poster without the use of Design tools. Accordingly, I chose to use a combination of Spotify and Google Photos to create my composition. My poster is typography heavy and given the power of musics’ vast range of lyrics, through Spotify I was able to pull different lyrics together that helped bring my narrative across. Using the snipping tool feature, I used screenshots of the Karaoke lyrics on Spotify and imported them into Google Photos where they were randomly sized to fit in a poster-shaped frame when zoomed out.

This poster narrates my experience during Covid-19. During the first few months of the pandemic, I found myself in a constant state of boredom, loneliness, and had thoughts of hopelessness. I began to believe that this pandemic was not ending anytime soon, so I then decided to put a positive spin on this newly found free-time. Considering I was starting University the same year, I decided to spend this time developing my portfolio and beginning a freelance business of my own. As the poster is read, the viewer will recognize that the words follow my narrative above, and what started with sadness ends with a new realization, as the quote “took my life from negative to positive” represents. The verbiage is also supported by imagery from various album covers to complement the narrative. Additionally, this poster currently hangs on the walls at OCADU.

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