2024 | Client

Out Of The Cold

“Out Of The Cold” is an Ontario-based initiative providing meals and temporary shelter to the underprivileged during winter. It operates through local churches and community centers.

I have been volunteering as a cook at the Holy Rosary branch in St Clair and Bathurst for over a year. I noticed a lack of unified brand identity across our branch and others. To address this, I proposed and designed a new logo for our branch, potentially to be adopted by the entire organization. The logo will first appear on aprons at the Holy Rosary Parish, with plans to extend its use across Ontario.

The logo has two meanings: the combination of ‘O’ and ‘C’, and a top-down view of two people embracing, reflecting the organization’s commitment to community support and charity. The design aims to represent more than just meal provision, highlighting the importance of connection and support among those we help.

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